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What caught my eye! Favorites for the past month.

I thought I’d share a few posts that caught my eye recently.  Reading blogs has become my early morning activity over coffee on the weekends.  I am always in awe of how creative bloggers are so wanted to share some posts that stood out for me.

Over at A Beautiful Mess, I saw the cactus wallpaper and thought pretty. I was so surprised when I read how she did it.  Totally doable.  It is now on my list – I’m thinking of trying it in my entryway closet as a surprise for guests.  Hint – there is no paste involved!


Apartment Therapy post on 30 items becoming obsolete. This post was WHAT? REALLY?  THAT?  You might be more tech savvy than me and not find it as surprising.  I few items I was sad about actually (piano).

This centrepiece over at Inspired by Charm I found lovely. Simple, elegant and best of all easy!


This is just one post/video in a series over at The house that Lars built.  It was a drawing challenge for 31 days.  The videos are excellent and so worth checking out.  I watched the daisy one and then drew it while I was waiting for a study group to start on a piece of paper I was using for a bookmark.  Someone wanted to trade their (no daisy bookmark) for mine!!

I am a list person.  Period.  I find when I make a list I am more focused and productive.  So when I saw this post about a list well……  It is worth a read as the ideas are great, doable and might spark an interest for you to start a summer bucket list.  Check out Free People Blog summer bucket list.  I am adding more than a few of their summer bucket list to my own!

This living room over at Keiko Lynn caught my eye.  It is so vibrant and captures, I think, the individuals that inhabit it.  I love the brick and the warmth. It might not be exactly my decor taste but I love the mix and match and risk taking to just do it!

If you have any posts that resonated with you please share in the comments.  I would love to check them out.  Also let me know your summer bucket list items – it is definitely time to start that list!!

You can always start now!


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4 thoughts on “What caught my eye! Favorites for the past month.

  1. Re the items that will become extinct – some of them were sad to read about, others inevitable but there will always be us VINTAGE folks that won’t let them go and they will be collectors items in the future 🙂 if they aren’t already….

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