Stop, breathe, color – finding peace through pencils

Most of us seem to be rushing from one activity to another.  If not rushing, we are checking our email, pinning, posting or texting.  If you watch TV, I bet, you are sharing on Facebook during the commercials.  All this is constant stimulus coming at you.  Often you are reacting to what you are seeing or reading.

So if you want to slow down, not react and be more mindful, maybe you should color.  There are tons of adult coloring books out there from flowers to scenery.  So sit down with no white noise.  Just you, the picture and your sharp pencils.  The only decision you have to make is what color you want to start with – that is easy as no color is wrong!  Just concentrate on what you are doing.  Coloring the leaves and moving onto the petals.  Thinking what shade of brown the earth should be.  Notice the quiet and where your thoughts are.



It took me a few days to finish coloring my picture but it was quiet and I felt more present and in a better head space at the end of every session.

We can give ourselves the gift of quiet and being in the moment.  Remember how it felt to color as a child?  Take time for you.  Stop, breathe and color and see how you feel at the end.  Peace.

Here are a few sites I found on Pinterest for you to check out

everything etsy

Coloring pages for adults

Sharpen your pencils!!


6 thoughts on “Stop, breathe, color – finding peace through pencils

    1. Thank you. Sharp pencils major recommendation. At a friend’s last night making Smashbooks and she had an adult coloring book that was cards and envelopes. Too cool. Hope to get one! Thanks for stopping by.

  1. I love adult coloring books! I run a mental health blog, and I’m always on the lookout for stress relievers. I stumbled across adult coloring books, and I think they’re a great way to help with stress and anxiety, as well as helping to maintain good mental health.

    1. I so agree. I also think sometime when we are doing an activity like coloring it is easier to share what is happening to us and/or those around us. It seems, to me, to take some of the pressure off face-to-face encounters. Anything that gets us to slow down and destress I’m in. Thanks for stopping by.

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