Angel Cards

Angel Card – Understanding

The Angel Card of the week is understanding.  I think to truly understand we have to actively listen, put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and allow our boundaries to be pushed.  To actively listen we cannot be composing what we are going to say in response in our heads while the other individual is still talking – you know that happens.  If we are actively listening to understand we are giving our full attention to that individual.  We are open and curious to what they are saying and want to grasp it.  Yes to asking questions and being unsure, those things are okay.  It is all about being present.


We all bring with us experiences and sometimes I know I won’t truly understand what someone is going through as it is out of my experience/life path.  What I do know is that if I am present and fully invested in what that individual is saying I can be there for them.   Understanding can be a range of other emotions intertwined like empathy.

So to not just understanding right and wrong (which is a BIG deal), lets also push our boundaries to understanding more about the world and people around us.  Let practice actively listening and seeking to understand the best we can.  We can do this!

Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!