Angel Cards

Angel Card – Clarity

This week’s Angel Card was clarity.  You know when you get too wrapped up in your own world and everything is filtered through your lens?  Well, at that point, clarity could be a bit of an issue.

clarityWe all bring our experiences, opinions and views of the world to the table.  It is what makes us unique.  What we don’t want is to be so stuck seeing things ONLY our way that we are not open to listening to others.

Having clarity to me means taking in other points of view to help get the whole picture.  One meaning of clarity is clearness.  If we want a clear understanding of a problem or issue it might entail listening to different opinions from interested parties.  Clarity is a good thing and like the Angel Card the landscape could be so much brighter when clarity is brought into focus.

Let me know what clarity means to you and check out other Angel Cards under Categories.

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