Can you share to soon?

This blog for me has been about putting myself out there.  I think it is part blogging and part journaling for me.  I am someone who keeps things close to my chest in pretty well all areas in my life.  I have to weigh the pros and cons, desired outcomes and what ifs numerous times in various scenarios.  Bad example one friend finally said “it is just paint.”

So can you share too soon?  My opinion is at times yes.  When an idea is just forming and you are trying to catch the various nuances of it.  You are playing with different scenarios and combinations.  For me it is like a baby I am carrying until it is steady enough on its feet to hold its own.  Or I am confident enough to put it out there and can take the criticizing of others. I am not going to say I won’t be hurt by the opinion of others on my work or ideas, but I have cradled them enough to know they are mine and strong enough to handle the storm.


I think people often feel they are “helping” when they criticize.  Not realizing that unless it is useful and if the project is already complete offering you should have…. is not helpful when someone has just put part of their soul out there.  Can we not be happy at the moment for them? Constructive advice is great when asked for and at the appropriate time, but not when someone has presented a completed piece of work.  Give them the opportunity to share their delight at a finish project.  Why that? Why didn’t you? Are not appropriate responses.  How about I am so proud of you.

You don’t have to love someone’s piece of art or writing.  That is subjective.  What isn’t subjective is acknowledging that someone has taken the time and put their soul into creating something.  I want to be someone that helps build people up and realize their dreams.   Who do you want to be?



Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!