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Wish list for living room!

After Laurel and Wolf had seen my home tour pictures on Goggle, I was challenged to remodel my living room.  Laurel and Wolf is an interior design company based in LA and I realized if my tag line is “explore possibilities” why not accept the challenge and go for it!

The balcony door you see below runs the length of one living room wall.  It is an open concept with the dining room off to the right.  Living room is approximately 13 x 12.  That is the only TV in the place. The condo faces south-west so lots of natural light flows into the space and that was one of the main reason I purchased my home.

IMG_0036IMG_0037View of the room from the balcony door above. Dining room off to right and kitchen behind the wall.  The dining is 9 x 9.  Below is the dining room from kitchen.


So Laurel and Wolf here goes my remodel.   The following three living rooms I found on Laurel & Wolf Pinterest.  The common theme is they are all light and airy (or at least to me!)livingLW2 livingLW3

Cover feature, home of Jos and Annabel White in Manhattan, West Village, town house, modern, sitting room, window, ottoman, tapestry, pink chair, chandelier









I was surprised at how I reacted to the pink sofa living room.  It caught my eye and I had to include it.  There is something about the artwork, table, chairs and the overall personality of the room that appeals to me.  The third one looks HUGE, the appeal was the conversation area, large bold artwork and the area rug.

My walls are lighter than they appear in my pictures – a hint of blue.  For my remodel I think I need two chairs across from the sofa.  With the size of the room I am thinking smaller chairs, maybe like the ones below.  I would get two of the same.  Color thinking grey??


I would like to swap out the table against the back wall for a white one.  Since my dining room is just off the living room I thought I’d include it also!  In the picture above looking from my kitchen I would wallpaper that end wall.  Do you have favourite or something different?

wallpapernew wallpaper3

I have always wanted a tulip table.  Ignore the chairs!!

table LW pin

Of course I would be hunting for pillows, rug for dining room, drapes and artwork.  Below is a piece of art from A Beautiful Mess.  Wallpaper framed!

BMframedwallpaperI realized looking through pictures to find my style that I am on the right track.  What I need is more layering of artwork, pillows and rugs.  What I also know is it doesn’t have to be expensive i.e. using wallpaper for art or even doing your own abstract piece.

Thank you Laurel and Wolf for the challenge.   I’d like to hear what you think about the spaces and choices or even ideas! What chair appeals to  you or color?  Wallpaper or artwork on that wall?  Let me know you think?

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