Angel Card – Gratitude

gratitudeMy Angel Card for this week was gratitude.  A word and action that has been written and talked about extensively.  We have all heard about keeping a gratitude journal.  Just taking the time to write down daily what we are grateful for.  Being a self-help junkie I have read in numerous books on how to be happy, balanced and less stressed.  The majority of the time having gratitude is mentioned as part of the solution.

So how hard can it be?  Even if you are not someone who journals, I am sure you have a few minutes in your day i.e. driving to work, to think about gratitude.   I am going to challenge myself to stop once a day and think of five things I am grateful for at that moment.  Here are my five items for today!

  1. New book to start
  2. Living in a country where I can express myself
  3. Income Tax completed
  4. Feeling healthy
  5. latest Podcast waiting for me

What are you grateful for today?   Check out other Angel Cards over under Categories.  Would love to hear your definition on various words.

Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!