Angel Cards

Angel Card – Truth


This week I pulled out truth.   Hmmmm……where to start.  My first thought was the obvious truths, the earth revolves around the sun, littering is wrong, that kind of thing.  Then I thought about truth more from a specific individuals’ point of view.   We all bring with us experiences (good and bad), opinions and what we consider truth.  I looked up truth and found these words: exact, correct and genuine.

An example, when thinking about truth in the above context, that comes to mind is strict discipline.  A parent could consider this makes their child strong.  This is their truth (correct? genuine?) on being a good parent.  Another person’s truth about parenting could be being best friends with their child.  Both individuals will feel strong about their truth.

I often think about how to deal with conflicting truths.  There have been times when I know “the truth” but the other person is just not seeing it (or maybe it is me!!).  At what point do we just let it go.  Truth is important but is hammering it home worth it?  I don’t think so if it is not hurting anyone and you have expressed yourself. So could truth be expressed at times by just be stepping back and letting it go?

This was the hardest Angel Card I pulled out and you would think it would have been the easiest.  Truth it is what it is.  Period.  I do believe we all have core values/truths we carry around, but I also want to think I am growing enough to listen and evaluate mine when they come into conflict.

Let me know what truth means to you and check out other Angel Cards words under Categories.

PS maybe the word truth alone means different things to different people!


Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!