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Angel Card – Truth

This week I pulled out truth.   Hmmmm……where to start.  My first thought was the obvious truths, the earth revolves around the sun, littering is wrong, that kind of thing.  Then I thought about truth more from a specific individuals’ point of view.   We all bring with us experiences (good and bad), opinions and what we consider truth.  I looked up truth and found these words: exact, correct and genuine.

An example, when thinking about truth in the above context, that comes to mind is strict discipline.  A parent could consider this makes their child strong.  This is their truth (correct? genuine?) on being a good parent.  Another person’s truth about parenting could be being best friends with their child.  Both individuals will feel strong about their truth.

I often think about how to deal with conflicting truths.  There have been times when I know “the truth” but the other person is just not seeing it (or maybe it is me!!).  At what point do we just let it go.  Truth is important but is hammering it home worth it?  I don’t think so if it is not hurting anyone and you have expressed yourself. So could truth be expressed at times by just be stepping back and letting it go?

This was the hardest Angel Card I pulled out and you would think it would have been the easiest.  Truth it is what it is.  Period.  I do believe we all have core values/truths we carry around, but I also want to think I am growing enough to listen and evaluate mine when they come into conflict.

Let me know what truth means to you and check out other Angel Cards words under Categories.

PS maybe the word truth alone means different things to different people!


19 thoughts on “Angel Card – Truth

    1. I think sometimes truth is keeping your mouth shut. Remember the saying “if you don’t have anything good to say, say nothing at all”. This wouldn’t apply is someone was asking for feedback or safety concerns. But yeah I agree at times people can cross the line.

  1. This is an interesting topic and I say that because I have recently had a new philospophy on truth that has allowed me to cope with people who lie, exaggerate or bend the truth. People make their own truths. They will justify something that 99% of the population would deem ridiculous just to make them feel they are right. It really enrages me to be honest.

    1. I have a saying “consider the source”. How much energy do we want to put into these people? Some people just do not want to consider other opinions/facts. They are inside their box and don’t want to step outside. Yes I can be frustrating.

  2. That is very important the truth and what it means to people. Haha this might be a little off topic but I recently just got one of those nonsensical chainmail rumor threads that was spreading falsities. One of my relatives actually sent that to me before fact checking the source and wanting me to spread the fake information.

    1. Judy commented “consider the source” when dealing with information. I have a policy (for lack of a better word) that I don’t share a lot of information. If you are pregnant, retiring, moving, new job, whatever and tell me. It ends there. It is not my news to share so I don’t. This works for me as people say I don’t gossip or tell.

  3. I love this post! This is a topic I frequently touch on in my blog. Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that we all have our own version of Truth, based on our individual perspective, experiences, and view of the world. As you mention, though, conflicts arise when we encounter others who operate from a different truth. This is especially important, I think, in this day and time, where we are becoming increasingly polarized. I think it is crucial for all of us to take a moment, as you did, and put ourselves into the shoes of the other before (or instead of) passing judgement. Thanks for this reminder!

    1. Thank you your comments always mean a lot to me. Doing the Angel Cards made me stop and evaluate (always good). Just started reading Brene Brown “Braving the Wilderness” yesterday! She is talking about polarizing and how we are operating today. Us vs them (belonging). Looking forward to digging into it.

  4. Truth is tricky–particularly nowadays. I had a conversation with two co-workers yesterday about a similar topic. My son has been very concerned with truth lately–mostly his version. He’ll correct anyone in a very definitive voice when his view of the world is different from the stated one. Like when I said it’s seven o’clock. He said, “No, it’s seven-twelve.” Or when I said the sheets were on the bed, he said, “no they’re not.” (Of course, he was wrong-I’d put them on myself.) I asked him why it was so important to him to be right. And he thought for a moment and said, “I’m embarrassed when I’m wrong.” As I shared this story with my co-workers one of them said, “So, he’s doubling down.” And I think that’s absolutely right. At eight years old, the only way he knows to feel not-embarrassed is to keep chasing the “win” of being right. It’s not a winning proposition because he’s wrong A LOT because he’s a kid. AND it’s super annoying to be corrected all the time, so that’s not going to win him points with anyone either. So we talked about changing the focus from “being right” to “wanting to learn.” Holding space for OTHER PEOPLE’S truth is a learned behavior. I hope I have the ability to teach it.
    Clearly, your “Angel Card” spoke to me!

    1. I think that is a good lesson to learn. Learning empathy of how do you feel when you are corrected over little things like 7:12 compared to just after 7? Sad to think he needs the “win” to not feel embarrassed. Yes to holding space for people and I have always been interested in where their “truth” comes from. I might actually have an aha moment over it! Wanting to learn is I think one of the most positive way to go through life. Being open to new experiences, ideas, people – take it all in and learn from it. You are a good mom.

    1. total agree. I think our main truths are our core values. If we are open to learning and growing we access information when it comes in and yes something it can change our opinions – which is a good thing. thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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