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Angel Cards – Purpose

My weekly challenge of pulling and reflecting on an Angel card brought me to purpose this week.  It is a word I imagine means a variety of things to different people.  Finding your purpose, doing your purpose, rethinking and changing your purpose.  Plus I feel your purpose can change throughout your lifetime.


Reflecting on the word I think purpose is what you are currently doing and wanting to do well.  One of my current purposes is to challenge myself blogging and see where it takes me.  Another is to create a life with no regrets (easier said then done!).   For other people it might be broader, such as having financial freedom at retirement or raising children to be globally citizens.  Whatever purpose means to you, I think it is focusing on what you are doing to get to an end result, but enjoying yourself along the way. Remember we are on a journey not a destination.

What is the first thing you think of when you read/hear the word purpose?

2 thoughts on “Angel Cards – Purpose

  1. Oh how perfectly timely for me too! This has been my exact purpose since the beginning of October and it has done so well. I am back to blogging regularly and enjoying it for its own sake. For me the purpose is to be happy, no matter what I am doing while I blog: Write, create, share, learn. It’s a beautiful cycle. Oh this is beautiful, Amelia. So lovely.

    1. Your welcome. It is amazing when something comes into your life and confirms you are on the right track. Yes to blogging for the joy of it and everything else can be a bonus.

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