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Asking for help? A strength?

I have been listening to Dear Sugars pod-casts.   People write in with problems and they are discussed and opinions given through Dear Sugars (man and woman). The problems range from parenthood, relationships, money to pushing boundaries and drawing back.


Recently it was discussed how hard it is for the majority of people to ask for help.  As a society we are often told or at least given the impression that asking for help is a sign of weakness.  When did this happen?  Dear Sugars discussed how hard it is to open that door and ask for help.  Letting yourself feel vulnerable.  They asked people how they felt when someone asked them for help and people are usually generous and want to help.  So where is the disconnect?    

It was discussed by Dear Sugars that we are not allowing individuals grace and the opportunity to be generous.  Overall people want to help and to feel like they are making a difference.  Part of the conversation was for us to be more open and allow people in by asking for help.  Help bring out the goodness in other people by letting yourself be vulnerable.  Asking for help shouldn’t be a sign of weakness.  It should be a sign of strength, knowing when to let people in and helping them make a difference.  Generosity works both ways.

Where are the areas in your life when asking for help could be beneficial to both parties?  I imagine it is in all areas!

Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!