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Angel Cards – Simplicity


I wish I had more of simplicity in my life.  Sometimes I feel everything is a struggle from figuring out how to download features for the blog, trying to find an entry way closet door, feeling more balanced at work and just dealing with life in general and “what ifs”.   But maybe the problem isn’t these struggles but how I am perceiving them or going about living them.

Even looking at some of these issues as struggles is putting more weight on them then they deserve.  I don’t need an entry way closet door ASAP.  It is a want not a need.  So just enjoy the hunt.  Look at figuring our features and computer work as an opportunity to learn not as a struggle.  Try and eliminate “what ifs” before they become regrets.  Simplicity.

I think part of simplicity can be found in our attitude towards what is going on in our lives.  Are we putting too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, have it all now or getting frustrated when things don’t work out the first time.   Maybe simplicity is taking a breath, standing back and just changing our attitude to it will get done or how important is this in the long run.  Is getting upset worth it?  No.  Simplicity for me is just slowing down and putting things in focus.  I can do this if not today later. Don’t over think where or what you are doing just take a breath.  Simplicity can be realizing what is important and what to let go of.  How can I get into a better frame of mind and simplify my life.  What do I want to truly focus on.

I would love to hear what simplicity means to you.  If you are interested check out under Categories my other Angel Card words I have been exploring.  It is my 2016 challenge to myself!


Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!