Are you a consequence person?

This is not something new to me just that I gave it a name. Recently I was talking to someone about living within your means.   The past year had been rough for them with illness and uncertainty so they decided to live life to its fullest. Now things are settling and income coming into the house is less so changes have to be made. There was a bit of complaining (just a bit) and I realized I really didn’t have a lot of sympathy here.   I fully understood the reasoning behind embracing life and going for it and also when circumstances change adjusting to them. Full stop for me.

We started talking about consequences of the past year and now hard decisions have to be made. Realizing you can’t have it all is hard and that at some point there will be consequences to pay.   At that point I realized I am a consequence person – the majority of decisions I have made in my life I have weighed the options and the consequences. Yes, I admit I have missed out on opportunities due to fear and have paid the consequences. On the other hand, I have not been in denial that this choice will bring me this and not that.   FYI not making a choice/decision will also bring consequences.

Life is about choices and every choice brings a consequence. So I think people should start looking beyond just the choice they make to what they will be giving up, gaining, changing or adjusting. What consequence will occur if I make this choice? Can I live with the consequence not just the choice? Also realize we are creating and exploring our own paths so choices and consequences can lead to more choices and consequences and it is being aware and mindful of what is happening around us that is important.

So play around with upcoming decisions/choices you have to make and see where different ones lead you consequence wise.   One of my biggest decisions over choices is to have no regrets.   So let us look at the bigger picture and see what is out there short and long term and if we can accept, change or grow from our choices and those consequences.


Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!