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Are you a consequence person?

This is not something new to me just that I gave it a name. Recently I was talking to someone about living within your means.   The past year had been rough for them with illness and uncertainty so they decided to live life to its fullest. Now things are settling and income coming into the house is less so changes have to be made. There was a bit of complaining (just a bit) and I realized I really didn’t have a lot of sympathy here.   I fully understood the reasoning behind embracing life and going for it and also when circumstances change adjusting to them. Full stop for me.

We started talking about consequences of the past year and now hard decisions have to be made. Realizing you can’t have it all is hard and that at some point there will be consequences to pay.   At that point I realized I am a consequence person – the majority of decisions I have made in my life I have weighed the options and the consequences. Yes, I admit I have missed out on opportunities due to fear and have paid the consequences. On the other hand, I have not been in denial that this choice will bring me this and not that.   FYI not making a choice/decision will also bring consequences.

Life is about choices and every choice brings a consequence. So I think people should start looking beyond just the choice they make to what they will be giving up, gaining, changing or adjusting. What consequence will occur if I make this choice? Can I live with the consequence not just the choice? Also realize we are creating and exploring our own paths so choices and consequences can lead to more choices and consequences and it is being aware and mindful of what is happening around us that is important.

So play around with upcoming decisions/choices you have to make and see where different ones lead you consequence wise.   One of my biggest decisions over choices is to have no regrets.   So let us look at the bigger picture and see what is out there short and long term and if we can accept, change or grow from our choices and those consequences.


18 thoughts on “Are you a consequence person?

    1. I have regrets also but less so as I age. I think choice is a good thing the majority of the time. It is living with the choice you make that can be hard, but weighing the consequences I’m hoping the choice we make and going into it we know some of the downfalls of that choice. I hope that makes sense. It is also doing your best in any situation.

        1. I think sometimes decisions are taken out of our hands. At that point it is about our reaction and dealing with what is coming down the pipes. Not always easy. Take a breath and realize you are doing the best you can in that situation.

  1. Then I am a consequence person too 😊 But I like to think that being a consequence person means being a responsible person, I wouldn’t be able to decide something without considering what will happen afterwards !

    1. I agree thinking through the consequences does make you a responsible person. Things don’t happen in isolation. Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful holiday season.

    1. I am a pro and con person myself (lists often) over majority of decisions. You should have seen me weighing pros and cons over purchasing condo! Lots of coffee shops over the lunch hour. I think it leads to less regrets when you do weight consequences both short and long term.

  2. I always think that if I had done things the way I had, the Squire and I would not be travelling together or even met. Plus I wouldn’t be blogging and interacting with interesting people 🙂 Yes, no matter what we do, everything has a positive and negative, do the best you can and feel good about it, as there is no way on earth you can please everybody!! Given up doing that a long time ago! Happy Holidays and keep enjoying those biscuits, I have eaten way too many of late!!

    1. I ended up in Australia backpacking after weighing the consequences of not going. For me regrets later in life are often factored in. Yes to doing the best we can and feeling good about it. There are so many forks in the road and like you I am happy sitting here typing away to you with the choices I have made. Going to Australia was the flip the switch for me and I never turned back. I for one am so happy you and the Squire are travelling and together as I love reading about it! Thank you.

    1. Yes, look in the mirror and think will I regret doing or not doing this. For me it is usually not doing something for reasons that don’t matter in the long run (or short run if I admit it).

    1. I think it is realizing there are consequences to actions and dealing with them as they come up. The old saying “we can’t have it all”. Or if you can please let me know how! thanks for stopping by and have a happy holiday.

  3. I’ve been having many conversations with my dad on a similar topic. He speaks about “second level” consequences. Not just what might happen today, but what are the long-range effects of decisions we make? I read something too about how we need to be accountable for the unintended consequences of our decisions as well. That’s a tough one. We make lots of decisions every day of course. But the level of complexity and the far reaching consequences are vastly different. Like the day I decided not to tip a waitress after a particularly bad experience. (I still feel bad about it) While i could argue she didn’t deserve the tip, the dollar I would have left normally for my $2 coffee would have been inconsequential to me, but perhaps important to her. I am accountable for that decision. Though I may not know what consequence it produced, I don’t think I made the right decision in that case. By making that choice I not only didn’t offer her the money, i also suffer from feeling like I didn’t do what I could in the right way. It may seem small, but perhaps, to your point, we need to feel the effects of our decisions to truly understand what we want to do differently next time.

    1. I never thought of “second level” consequences but that makes sense. I try to make decisions on what can I live with or when I look at myself in the mirror (end of the day or life for that matters) will I be able to say I did the right thing or the best I could. If that makes sense. Yes to feeling the effects of our decisions and hopefully learning from them. I think if we can do that we are on the right path. Also just having this conversation points us in the right directions. Thanks for stopping by and always challenging me with your insight.

  4. My Mother died when I was 40, she was only 63. I have made major decisions since that day. All of them based on consequences and not wanting to have any regrets. I have changed my world, moved myself to the other side of the world, and downsized big time(got rid of that material crap). Yep, I think I am a consequences kind of person. 🙂

    1. I lost my mother in my forties also. She was 91 and ready to die which makes a difference as I wanted what she wanted for her at that time. If that makes sense. I try and live without regrets also and am a consequence person as I realize all choices have them. Even not making a choice has consequences. Thank you for sharing and stopping by. I think this is one of the things I most enjoy about blogging is connection.

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