Connect the dots!

Exploring our creativity, unblocking it or just being playful lead me to try the following exercise from The Artist’s Block Cured.   Remember connect the dot coloring books?  Or am I aging myself?  I randomly put dots all over a piece of paper and then, well, connected them.  I did not put any thought process in where I placed my dots or that much thought into connecting them.  I used a fine-point sharpie.

Below are my two dot creations.  You could try something not as abstract but I like the points, curves and lines.  It could turn out to be an easy piece of  art to place on your wall or maybe do as cards.  Even if you just have a laugh at your end result, it is all good in that you tried something different, slowed down and connected with your creativity even for a minute.   I do not think you could go wrong connecting the dots in any way you imagine!   You can always start now!


Would love to hear your ideas and thoughts!