Today I will begin a new life…..lessons to take away

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

I found that quote in a small book by Og Mandino The Greatest Salesman in the World.   It was originally published in 1968 but all the material is still relevant today.  It tells the story of how a young man became the greatest salesman in the world by applying 9 lessons.  While I was reading it I thought this is for everything and everyone so I wanted to share it.  I am going to introduce the lessons as they were in the book chapter by chapter.


1.  Today I will begin a new life

2.  I will greet this day with love in my heart

3.  I will persist until I succeed

4.  I am nature’s greatest miracle

5.  I will live this day as if it is my last

6.  Today I will be master of my emotions

7.  I will laugh at the world

8.  Today I will  multiply my value a hundredfold

9.  I will act now

The chapters are small and he gives examples of how to go he will go about each lesson starting with Today I will begin a new life.  The shedding off of “bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity.”  Understanding that failure happens but learning from it, seizing opportunities and starting over the next day.   Greeting the day with love in your heart for everything and everyone and your interactions with individuals will show this.  I will persist until I succeed by removing from my vocabulary such words as quit, cannot, unable, failure and hopeless.  Treat each obstacle as a mere detour.  I am nature’s greatest miracle by realizing there is no one exactly like me, that we are each unique and have something to offer. I will live this day as if it is my last.  Don’t spend energy mourning past misfortunes and defeats.  Today is another opportunity to be the best person you can.  Today I will be master of my emotions.  Direct quote from book “Weak is he who permits his thoughts to control his actions; strong is he who forces his actions to control his thoughts.”  I will laugh at the world but most of all at my myself as “this too shall pass.”  Today I will multiple my value a hundredfold.  Set goals and objectives in your life.  Where do you want to head and how will you get there?  I will act now as we only have today to move forward and become our best selves.

I hope this gives you a taste of the book.  There is the young man’s story weaved through it and I think a lot of you will recognize a few side stories in the book also.  I think they are good lessons to take away, realize they are ongoing and yes I will slide back but I will regroup, refocus and more forward.


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