Are we optimizing?

I listened to a Personality Hackers PodCast this week on transition.  One statement stood out for me and I had to share it, as it fits in with what I’m trying to accomplish (and hoping you are too). “We only get so much of this (life) so optimize it.”

They talked about two types of people. The first group just want to get through life and the second are optimizing every opportunity and chance they get. We want to be in the second group. The majority of the podcast was about transition and we can fight it or embrace.  If we want to create a life we are excited about than transition is going to be part of it – what do we have to do to get there. Sometimes you have to just let go and fall and see where you land.

You can always start now!


4 thoughts on “Are we optimizing?

    1. Majority was about dealing with transition (or change) fighting it or embracing it. Spending time doing what we enjoy not fighting what we can’t change or transition into. I guess it resonated with me as about creating a life we want – taking action and not sitting on the sidelines waiting. So optimising what is thrown at us. I can’t remember any specific examples off the top of my head. Personality Hackers has podcasts on personality types and how different types deal with different situations.

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