Angel Card – Adventure

This week I drew the Angel Card adventure out.   hmmm…….summer is wrapping up and I am hoping you have all had some adventures over the past few months.   Trying something new, going somewhere different, creating and exploring a difference medium.  To have an adventure doesn’t mean you have to risk your life, but it might mean pushing your boundaries.   You can have an adventure right at home by exploring a neighbourhood  you have never been to, checking out those off the beating track shops or just taking a class (photography, pottery) in whatever catches your fancy. Adventures […]

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The start of my fall to do list!

bullet J

I love a change of seasons.  Fall has always been more like the start of the year for me than January. It is likely to do with school starting and people getting back up to speed after a lazy summer.  I love school supplies, the paper, books and pens. I guess that is why I finally broke down and decided to start a bullet journal starting in September.  When September rolls around I find I have more energy and focus to start new things – hence the bullet journal to keep me on track.  I have already bought a collection […]

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Angel Card – Power

photo (2)

I apologize to those of you who have been following along as I always start these posts with a fast recap.  So sorry but here it is.   For those stopping by for the first time, for the past seven months I have been drawing a weekly Angel Card and writing what that word means to me.  This week it was the word power. When I first drew this card out, my gut reaction was somewhat negative.  Associating power with control and not liking where that was taking me.  On further mulling I realized neither word power or control should […]

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New experiences Airbnb and self-guided walking tour

day 2 hike

I wanted to share what I have been up to in August.  I work full-time so have vacation to use.  This year I did two things I have never done before when travelling.  I took a self-guided walking tour through Northern Ireland, the Antrim Causeway Coastal Route.  It was with Footfall Walking Tours so check it out.  I usually do independent trips, just never a walking tour.  I am walking, taking buses, trains and exploring, but not a self-guided hike.  Footfall Walking Tours supplied the maps, directions and booked our accommodations (all lovely in smaller towns).  They also send the luggage to the […]

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Angel Card – Gratitude

If you are just tuning in for the past six months I have been pulling out an Angel Card weekly and blogging about what that word means to me.  To pull out gratitude this week was poetic.  I have just returned from an incredible vacation –  loved it and will tell you more about it in another post.  Teaser I know. I love to travel and this is an area I have always been willing to scarify other choices to obtain the money to take off.  Where gratitude comes into play is when you travel you are seeing different cultures, […]

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Monthly Craft Challenge – terracotta pot !

If you are just tuning in Wanda, over at A Wandafulthing, and I are doing a monthly craft challenge.  This month it was a terracotta pot.  I am trying to use what I already have available in my craft challenges (if I can).  I had the pot and the yarn so went to work. I decided to use pink yarn as I am trying to incorporate pink into my color theme in my bedroom.  See last month for my fabric craft!  The plant I needed to transplant so it was a win-win! Wanda crafted a beautiful distressed candle holder using craft […]

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Angel Card – Surrender

If you are just stopping by for the first time, for about six months now I have been pulling an Angel Card out weekly and posting on what that word means to me.  Some words have flowed and others were a struggle.  This week the Angel Card is surrender. The Angel on the card is holding the universal white flag of surrender, even though she is the one on the top of the hill which I think is the better strategic place.  Please correct me if I am wrong. So how did she get to that place? I think if […]

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If someone says they support you, but…. they don’t

Recently I listened to someone give a compliment only to leave a bad taste in my mouth when they finished.  How?  They used the word “but”.   Think about when you compliment, support and/or encourage someone.   They have put themselves out there, giving us an offering.   We are excited, pleased and maybe embarrassed if we feel we do not warrant this gift.   At this point all we have to do is say thank you.  If it is an item tell them you appreciate it or where you will be placing it in your home.  If it is something not tangible […]

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Angel Card – Inspiration

My weekly Angel Card is inspiration.   With Instagram, Pinterest, Google and other blogs there is no lack of inspiration we can tap into.  We can just type any word into a search engine and have access to thousands of words and images.  Surely we can find something that stirs us and makes us want to create? I love seeing what other creatives are up to and I am always writing down books to read and crafts to try.  I know the majority of us have Pinterest boards for projects ranging from knitting, baking to furniture refinishing.  But what if […]

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What caught my eye – favorites for the past month

I can’t believe we are starting another month!  Summer is flying by for me.  It is hard to sit still when the weather is nice and I want to take advantage of being outside.  Here are a few things that caught my eye in the past month. One of my favorite things to do when I was little was play with buttons.  My mother was a sewer extraordinary and she had large cans of buttons from various projects.  I used to love it when she would pull them out and start her search for a set buttons for her latest […]

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