Your ideal day – pin it on Pinterest

I have been reading about Vision Boards and thought I’d put my hat in the ring.  I started an “ideal day” board on Pinterest. I read a blog post that talked about capturing images and ideas over what your perfect day would be – or life. This ranges from clothes you would wear, places you would be going, activities you would be doing, to how your surroundings look.  I started the board – made it is hidden board – it has been fun and has kept me a bit on track over a few things.  It is neat in that it is a variety of pins from outfits, art and décor, places/travel and activities.  It also lets you visually see what is important to you and hopefully goals you can work towards.

So I want to share a few pins of my “ideal day”.  I would start the day with a yoga sequence to get body moving and centered.

Morning beginner yoga - simple, easy stretches before you start your day: I pinned this outfit from  I have enjoyed the outfit part and seeing them all in one place, capturing my style.  All the outfits are casual wear.

Now I am ready to head out. I’m off to the New York City Library reading room.  No, I don’t live in New York. This is somewhere I have always dreamed of writing.  So of course, on my ideal day I will be writing in the reading room!

Reading Room Ny Public Library. New York City NYC. Dave Mills:

While at the library I would be working on my ebook.  Good post on tips and places to publish an ebook.

Of  course my ideal day would involve planning my next trip.  Don’t ask me where this is exactly I just loved the picture so pinned it and I’m a back alley person so……

I would end the day relaxing on my patio.  Found picture over at Emily Henderson.

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower

Had to include this quote and this encapsulates my ideal day.

Quote pinned from Buzzfeed.

I am continuing to add to my ideal day board.  It is a place I refer to for ideas and keeping me on track for what matters. I enjoy having all my inspirational pictures in one place.  Why not have a place you can reference and start planning your dreams.  Pin that cafe in Paris, an outfit or a new kitchen. The majority of us are pinning anyways so let’s start a board all about us.

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#Loveuary Challenge


Ritu over at But I smile anyway is having a #Loveuary Challenge this month. She is celebrating love all month in all of it’s relationships.  So I’m taking up the challenge and here is my take on #Loveuary!

Ritu gave a great list of ideas to write about to celebrate love.  When I was reading through the list I thought “that is the one” that resonates with me.  It was “finding you”.   My take is self-love or compassion toward myself.  Not feeling good enough has always been a struggle for me (and for many of us I realise).  I recently read “It is just my job to create and share. Not to judge. The market will take care of that.”  We can easily take this and change it to “It is just my job to be me, to hold myself to my sense of integrity.  Others will judge me whether they know me or not.”

All we have to do is be our best selves.  Some days will be easier than others and that is okay. We are on a journey and that journey includes loving ourselves. All of our strengths and faults. We are terrific packages and it is not our job to judge only to love.  The world will take care of the rest.  Let’s start with more love in #Loveuary.

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Pushing boundaries and heading to PodCamp !

One thing about blogging where my tag line is exploring possibilities is, well, actually exploring possibilities.  Since starting to blog I see things in a slightly different light.  I question interactions, events, dreams and possibilities – could this be a blog post?  I have pushed myself to try new things and question my limiting beliefs.  I am not getting stuck in perfectionism. I am sending my ideas and projects out to the universe. They might not be perfect (would they ever be?) but I am ready to let them go.

So long story short this leads me to my latest adventure. Podcamp!  Direct quote “Podcamp is an ever-changing, community guided event offering a level playing field for all those wishing to share their digital life experience”.  Some of the sessions offered were:  YouTube like a Pro; Growing Fresh Content; The Importance of kindness in the Digital World; Mobile Game Streaming 101; Content Chaos: Building Your Brand through Constant Experiments; Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2017 and Responsible Scheduling.  It was an all-day event – FREE.  Yes you read that right.

One take-away was to explore YouTube as a social media platform.  Would it help me get my message out there?  Is what I have to offer YouTube worthy?  These questions lead directly to the next session I attended which was Content Chaos: Building Your Brand through Constant Experiments.  A young man told his story of using different social media platforms (a few I had never heard of) to get his message/product out there.  Some succeeded and other didn’t.  He said you have to weigh the risk, know your audience and that platform’s audience.  He described the 70-20-10 rule.  70% of pushing your product in areas you know are tried and true, 20% is intermediate risk and 10% is high risk.  But that high risk is worth it if you find you can move the idea to intermediate risk or it becomes tried and true.  We have to continue to experiment and put ourselves out there – chaos is not necessary a bad thing.  Don’t you think that was fate to have that session right after the YouTube session got me thinking of trying it as a social media!

Another session was on a local blog and his digital story.  Wrangling WordPress was interesting as she talked about giving ourselves grace when we don’t know it all.  The last session was on Responsible Scheduling which introduced us to a wide variety of scheduling packages from Hootsuite, Buffer, Social Juke Box and Post Planner.  She explained the difference between scheduling and automation.  Automation is content going out where you have no control over timing or even the content.  Responsible scheduling is you pick what content goes out and when. If it is not relevant it doesn’t automatically get sent out and you don’t look like a fool.

I don’t live in a big city like Toronto, Calgary or New York, but we still have these events happening.  Check out your area for PodCamp or WordCamp.  You never know what will come up.  It is all about pushing boundaries and trying new things.  Or like one session said “constant experiments”.  We don’t know what we are capable of until we try.  So, be prepared I am going to start researching YouTube.  I’ll keep you posted!

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My Valentine’s Day Rant – yeah my rant!!

My friend and fellow blogger Wanda, over at A Wandafulthing, is having a Valentine’s Blog Party on February 12th.  Well, of course, I want to go to the party, but a Valentine’s party?  I wasn’t sure I had anything to bring to this party.  Valentine’s has never been my thing.  I mulled it over and the following post came to me – not sure it is exactly what you might think of for a Valentine’s post, but I’m putting it out there!  Here goes my party offering!!

Can you celebrate Valentine’s without someone to snuggle with?  If Valentine’s is for loved ones than who gets to define that, besides the greeting card industry. No one.  We used to give Valentines cards out to our classmates – boys and girls alike.  Okay, maybe our best friend got the bigger cuter card – but I regress. We often feel like losers if we have no one sending us flowers, chocolate or even a card. We all know the woman in the office whose partner always sends her something and we gush and go on.  Even if you have a partner there is no guarantee he/she will come through with the goods.

So my plan is to take back Valentine’s Day to when we were kids. I will give out cards and goodies to friends.  Also why not buy ourselves flowers to enjoy with our chocolate.  Get out and buy a package of Valentine day cards you would normal purchase for your kids to give out.  Either write your name or anonymous on them and have them in your pursue to give out on the day. Leave one on a co-worker’s desk; give one to someone at the bus stop and a clerk in a store.  Randomly give those Valentine cards out and spread the wishes around.  Take Valentine’s Day back to when we were kids and everyone got card.

PS for those with partners OMG do something for them, parents, children and everyone in your life.

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Image result for pictures of hearts


What caught my eye – favourites from the past month !

I can’t believe we are through another month already.  The month was busy for me with editing and two online classes.  I did find an interesting site through one of the classes that now has me mulling over possibilities.

The site is Bot Joy. Gary, the artist, creates these incredible mascots (for lack of a better word) and shares with his community and now all over the world. I think we all need one!

Found this quote on Pinterest and knew I had to share it with you.  It is from Skinny Ms

It's time to make your Total Body Transformation dreams come true! Start now :) #totalbody #transformation #fitness:

Would you trade your TV in for a projector?  Check out A Beautiful Mess and see their reason why and results.

Since Valentine’s Day is next week these DIYs caught my eye over at Design Sponge.


I saw this idea years ago in a craft book and thought yeah that is neat.  So when I recently saw it again I knew I wanted to capture it. The first book I noted it in said to create a page yourself and then send it to friends to create their own pages in the book and keep passing it on.  I would be interested to know what you think of this creative idea – art journaling.  Check it out at Von Pappe II.

So that is what caught my eye last month.  I would love to hear what you have been checking out the past month.

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A Different Kind Of Monthly Challenge !

I can’t believe the month is gone. WOW. It was a great month as I was busy, focused and feel like I accomplished stuff.  My challenge to listen to different podcasts last month was part of it.

In case you are just tuning in, I decided this year to challenge myself monthly to do and try different things each month. Last month I listened to podcasts I had never heard of before. So here are my results. I am giving you just a taste of what was in the podcast.

I had never listened to Bloggers Are Weird.  The host interviews, well bloggers.  I listened to the interview with Tara Wood of Love Morning Wood. Mother of seven. Tara talked about pushing boundaries “what pushes your needle” and “are you out of fears?”.  Bit of her life story along with host D.J. Paris.  Easy to listen to and not all mommy related.

Second Bloggers are Weird podcast was with Allison Arnone a humor blogger. She was interesting as she doesn’t consider her blog has a niche – which is freeing she said. Allison likes control of her blog so is not interested in sponsored posts or making money on her blog.  Again wide variety of topics with host. Few of which were blogging and dating.

Harmony Hobbs – Modern Mommy Madness blog was the last podcast of Bloggers are Weird I listened to. Name says it all. Her take away was it is okay to be a mess, we are not perfect. Harmony feels the reason why her blog is so popular is that she doesn’t sugarcoat things.

The other podcast I decided to try was Vibrant Happy Women.  Picked it for its title!  Dr. Jen Riday interviews happy women on various topics.  Laura Thompson discussed “How deep listening can help you find your calling”.  Laura shared her story of deep listening and exploring those thoughts to find her passion. That we owe it to deep listen to ourselves and our families. At the end of every interview Dr. Riday asked the interviewees questions like favorite kitchen tool, book, life lesson and more.

Second podcast from Vibrant Happy Women was with Ruth Soukup. Her topic “I can choose to be happy”.  She gave a great quote from Winston Churchill “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is only the courage to continue that matters.”  I love it!  Ruth told her story of severe depression and holding on to hope and light at the end of the tunnel.  She wants to encourage people to follow their dreams/goals.  Ruth says “give yourself permission to dream big”, try new things to see what your passion is.  You can find her at Living well spending less.

I am a beta tester for two online courses (finishing this week).  Through one I found James Altucher podcast.  This one is where he interviews the singer/songwriter Jewel. She tells a bit about her life (incredible), how she survived through her music and her integrity. I had to add her book Never Broken: songs are only half the story to my reading list after the podcast.

I enjoyed all the podcasts. Some resonated more than others. I would love to hear your favorite podcasts or least favorite podcasts and why! Who should we be checking out? Let us know.

This month’s challenge is to keep a gratitude journal. I know it is all the rage right now and I have tried it before but I have never been consistent. I am challenging myself to write down 3-5 specific things I am grateful for at least 3-5 times a week. From what I have read they say to make the list very specific. Not just I had a good day, but exactly what happened to make it a good day. Person involved? Event? Specific entry. A few people say don’t write every day or you might get gratitude fatigue. So, let’s go with 3-5 times a week and very specific entries.

Okay. Hope to hear how it went for you last month. Remember first Wednesday of the month we report back in and get our next monthly challenge.

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The start of my reading list for 2017

Reading is one of my favorite things to do.  I love finding a new author and/or series and diving in.  I thought I’d share the start of my reading list for 2017.

  1. The Chronology of Water by Lidia Yuknavitch.  My friend and fellow blogger Wanda over at A Wandafulthing saw a Ted Talk with Lidia Yuknavitch, I then heard a podcast on Dear Sugar with her.  So had to put her on my list. It is Lidia memoir.
  2. The Big Short by Michael Lewis.  It is a friend favorite book – which she loaned me but I haven’t cracked open yet.  Did see the film. The crash of the US housing marketing and the people who saw it coming.
  3. Big Magic by Melissa Gilbert.  Unlocking and acknowledging our creativity.
  4. Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed.  I found Dear Sugar Podcasts by accident and now I’m hooked. The book is some of her advice as Dear Sugar. She is also the author of Wild.
  5. Designing Your Life:  how to build a well-lived joyful life by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans
  6. The War of Art: break through the blocks and win your inner creative battles by Steven Pressfield
  7. Not broken: songs are only half the story by Jewel.  Heard her on a podcast and now have to read her book. Story of her life. Leaving home at 15, homeless, international superstar and how her writing and music held it all together.

I am late posting as I have already read Designing Your Life and did a post on it – see post on book here!

I will be looking for more books to read in 2017 so if you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments.  I am always looking for a good read.

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January blues – I think not !

I know a lot of people are having the January blues.  The holidays are over, the bills are in and for some of us the cold weather is here and settling in for a few months.  It was on social media that January 16th was the “bluest” day of the year.  It is also the start of another year we might not have a handle on.

So why am I rocking January?  I am having a fun and productive month. I am moving projects along and learning new things. This is because of a few things I put in place and a few I lucked into. I decided that January I would start editing my novel – that in 2017 it would be ready to submit somewhere! Period.  Also in December I applied to be a beta tester for two individuals offering courses they wanted feedback on. I thought “why not” it is something I have never done before (good enough reason for me) and I can help these women out. Note: I NEVER win/get anything free. Seriously.  WHAM I get accepted for both!

January 2017.  I started a monthly challenge on the blog – a different kind of challenge. Check it out. Which has me listening to podcasts for the month.  I also started an Instagram challenge which is fun #2017startingnow. So add editing my novel and taking those two online courses and my days/evenings are full.

What I am finding is, I am more focused as I have less free time. I am not spending my evenings in front of the TV thinking about what else I could be doing. I am doing it. I am watching videos and participating in Facebook groups for the online courses. My novel is getting edited chapter by chapter. My phone is charged and with me to capture my life and post on Instagram. I am listening to podcasts and inspired by how creative individuals are. I am enjoying my January and feel energized.

Nothing I am doing this month is magical or earth shattering. All I did was put in place activities I can do regardless of whether and not involving spending money.  We only have 12 months a year – make each month count. Check out podcasts, free online classes, start a hobby or get back to one. There are videos on learning how to knit or crochet or practical anything. The main thing is commit to it. Don’t sit in front of the TV and then feel you have wasted another evening.  Find that podcast or online class.  Commit to listening to at least two or three of a podcast series.  Set aside a few evenings a week to work on a project/class. Make your month count and at the end of the month you will feel you have accomplish something.  Make your month rock!  I am.

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Claiming what is yours – no excuses

Image result for free image of design

Continuing from last week’s post on thinking like a designer, I thought where and what can I shake up or build on. Or better yet build differently. One prototype I am working on is becoming a better writer. That actually took a lot to just add the word “better” in that sentence, but that is part of my design process.

At what point can we call ourselves a writer, painter, potter or anything which is a creative endeavour? Do we have to be published, sold a piece of art or have speaking engagements to be able to put say “I am a……..”.  I say no. We don’t have to be earning an income from something we enjoy to call ourselves anything! If you have journals of poems you have written you are a poet. Period. Full stop. I am a blogger and a writer (fiction). If it takes me years to get published, that doesn’t take away that I am a writer right now.

I say this year we start calling it as it is. I am…. We are….. No excuses or explanations.  Do not say when this or that happens I will be….. If you are doing it now in any capacity you are.  Our current design prototype is to shake ourselves up, take a big breath and call it as it is.  As designers or creatives (who choose the word) we are moving forward and the first step is claiming what is ours. I am a blogger and writer.  Failure is a learning experience and all part of the bigger picture of getting more out of life.  We can so do this!

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Book Club – Designing Your Life !

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

If you have been following me you know I like a good self-help book.  I am somewhat of a “homework” junkie.  So when I came across this book the title alone grabbed me, as I feel I am on a journey to create a joyful life.

The authors show us how to build a well-lived life by thinking like a designer. Designers  build and move forward using prototypes.  They look at their “failures” as learning opportunities and what they can change and take forward.  A sample of a designers mind-set is:

  1. Curiosity – invites exploration.
  2. Try stuff – designers try things and test things out.  They create prototypes until they find out what works.  Designers embrace change and are not attached to a particular outcome because they are curious about what will happen next.
  3. Reframing – is how designers (us!) get unstuck. Reframing is a change in perspective, to step back and examine biases and move forward.
  4. Ask for help – radical collaboration.  Design is a collaborative process and we are not alone. The book will show us how to get mentors, advisors and a supportive community to help design the life we are building.

What I liked about the book is right off they authors said “you don’t have to know your passion to design a life you love.  Most people are passionate about many different things….”   I think we often get caught up in “finding our passion” and don’t move forward building the life we want as we are often waiting for that ball to drop.

A few other areas that are explored are brainstorming, creating a workview (why work? what for? money? what defines good or worthwhile work? and a lifeview (why are we here? purpose? where do family/country/world fit in? what is the role of joy/sorrow/justice/love in life? Also creating a supportive community.

You are given exercises so get the pen and paper out.  Their web site is:

I came away realizing I am on the right path. I just have to continue to build the life I want and embrace putting myself out there regardless of outcomes. As it is all good if I take away a learning experience and move forward.

You can always start now !


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