10 Life Lessons

I want to share some life lessons.  Some lessons I have a handle on and others I am still working on.  I have “learnt” them from a variety of sources. Here it goes:

    1. Don’t make assumptions – we don’t know what other people are dealing with.  All of us bring baggage to the table.
    2. Listen to understand – basically pay attention to the person in front of you. Do not make your grocery list or compose your answer while they are still talking. You realize you are not taking in what they are saying if your mind is elsewhere.
    3. Consider the source – is this person really the best resource? Do they want what is best for you?
    4. Know when to walk away – you can’t win every argument.  If the person is toxic try to limit contact time and not give them more fuel.
    5. Do not let perfectionism stop you from creating – realize if you are waiting for your project to be perfect, well… that might not ever happen. Perfectionism is one of the blights of creativity.
    6. You can always say no – your time and energy are worth something. Do not sell yourself short. If it means constantly sacrificing your time/creativity learn to say no and also you don’t owe anyone an explanation.  Sorry, I’m not available. Full stop.
    7. Happiness and success are not in limited supply – a lot of individuals have a scarcity mentality.  If you are happy and successful than there is less chance I will be. Wrong.  Happiness and success are infinite.
    8. A change of scenery is a good thing – go for a walk, pick up a book, do whatever you need to do to shake yourself up if you feel you are spiraling out of control. For me it is getting outside no matter what the weather.
    9. Negativity breeds negativity – I am sure the majority of us have been here when it becomes a vicious cycle.  One thing leads to another and it is all negative. If you can change the topic or put a positive spin on it do it. If you can’t, make an excuse and get outta there!  Negativity is also energy draining!
    10. Make eye contact and smile – this goes for everyone (including strangers on the street).  If you make eye contact smile and acknowledge that person. Make sure they realize they have been seen and noticed by someone.  One of the worst things is to feel invisible – we can change that just with eye contact and a smile. You never know you might make someone’s day and change their attitude.

I would love to hear some your life lessons.

You can always start now !


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Rain/Rein/Reign

It is Saturday SOCS – loving it.  Pop over to Linda G Hill Life in progress for more information on writing prompts!

About four times a year a friend and I do an epic shopping day.  We write out our lists, plan our attack and of course stop for lunch.  Well, today is one of those days.  My lists are made.  Weather has never deterred us. We are Canadian. So the rain today will just make us sprint for the doors faster.  Exercise.

We will reign over the day with our epic lists and full shopping carts. No we won’t be buying groceries FYI.  I’ll try and snap a picture of the day and post on Instagram.  Have a great SOCS people!

One-liner Wednesday – Bike Path

Head over to Linda G Hill   for more writing prompts and to learn about how you can participate in One-Line Wednesday.  This week the challenge is “bike path”.

Was it a bike path or just the shoulder of the street Marla thought as a 18-wheeler practically shaved her.



A question you shouldn’t be asking at a special times

A friend and I were having lunch and catching up.  Her daughter, last month, had graduated from university.  Parents and grandparents attended the ceremony and everyone was happy and proud.  Pictures were lovely.

It was then that the conversation took a different turn. My friend said she was trying to not ask her daughter if she had heard anything, as currently she is waiting to hear if she is accepted into a program to further her education.  Social media is exploding with new jobs, getting into grad school or other programs or even traveling after graduation.  Let’s face it we don’t post “waiting to hear back on application.”

I admit I was lost over that part of the conversation. How is it that you can put in three-four hard years at university, maybe leaving home for the first time, meeting new people and being thrusted into new situations. Only to have that all be passed by with “what are you doing next?”

Okay, slow down.  New graduates here – can we not just let them enjoy their current accomplishment. Why do we feel we have to always be moving on to the next best thing at top speed? It is like where we currently are isn’t good enough – don’t stand here and be satisfied.  What is next?  Can we not just be present enough to enjoy this moment – four years of hard work. Congratulations. Right now it doesn’t matter what the next step is. Let us celebrate all the steps we took to get to this point.  Let us celebrate and savor this accomplishment fully, before putting pressure on to get to the next stage.

This isn’t just for someone graduating but all of us. Don’t ask what is next when someone is celebrating a big win.  Be present and celebrate that win. Don’t diminish anyones’ accomplishment with but…… or what is next.  Put those words aside for a while and just be present for this special time.

You can always start now !


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Sign

I am trying to be more of “signs”.  Not stop signs but signs I am heading in the right direction.  This is not a strength of mine.  Putting it out to the universe and asking, well for anything.  I am enjoying this journey I am now on – blogging and writing more frequently and becoming involved in a vibrant community.

Recently I did a tarot card reading over at Traci York and picked a card I felt was a sign to put myself out there a little bit more. I did. The next week I picked another card and it (to me) confirmed I was heading in the right directions.

So signs can be everywhere. Just keep your eyes and heart open.

You can always start now !


Writespiration 52 weeks in 52 words

This is my month of challenges.  Check out Sacha Black writespiration 120 – 52-weeks-in-52-words week 24/ it is unique in that each week she gives a writing prompt and you only have 52 words to express yourself.

This week’s prompt is “the blood curdling phone call in the middle of the night”.  Here it goes.

I have lost my sense of hearing, well maybe not my actually hearing, but the ability to distinguish where sound is coming from.  Two am and I’ve been trying to locate my phone for ten minutes. Just when I think I am close it stops. Only to start up again. Panic mode.

Check out my post on creative prompts challenges for the month.

You can always start now !


One-liner Wednesday – back to the future !

I decided to challenge myself this month by participating in blog challenges (see my challenge post here).

Linda G Hill Life in progress has a few – check them out.  This week I am doing One-line Wednesday with Linda and other creatives.  Head over to Linda G Hill Life in progress for the whole scope.  Here it goes.

If I could go back to the future I want to be able to say I tried.


Idea for moving forward with…….

I listened to a podcast over at me and Orla with Xanthe Berkeley.  They discussed creativity and how we often set ourselves up to fail and how to combat that.

We often compare ourselves to someone already established. Not taking into account that they might have spent years as a beginner practicing their art.  The only person we should be comparing ourselves to is ourselves, and this is only when we have done the work.  What I mean by that is practice.  If you are going to draw, write or paint once or twice a year and feel disappointed at your results – take a step back.  How can you move forward and learn from mistakes if you are not making any?

Xanthe Berkeley challenged herself to take better pictures by taking them – a lot of them and learning as she went. The podcast has links to her various projects.  She is just one example of someone making the time to learn something they are truly interested in.

So we start as a beginner with no comparisons, just an idea we want to try or something we have tried in the past and want to further explore. Where will we start?  We will start by making time and space to explore, make mistakes, readjust from what we have learned and move forward.

If it is taking better pictures just start shooting them in various lights or grab hold of an idea. Say you want to take a month of pictures of doors.  Writing – sit down at a coffee over your lunch break and put words on paper.  Start journaling. No comparisons are allowed we are beginners and are excited about that.

This is the year we can challenge ourselves and see what happens. Small but consistent steps on a regular basis.  Even 10 minutes counts as moving forward.

Can you imagine if we had a block of work to review and learn from at the end of even a month!  Pick something easy to start with that gets your creative juices flowing. Try it on a consistent basis and see what happens.

You can always start now ! 


Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Admit

Check out Linda G Hill for her weekly prompt of SOCS.  Here goes my take!

I admit this hasn’t been my best week.  I’m back to walking back and forth to work and I guess more tired than I want to admit at the end of the day.

I am enjoying my morning walk as air is still crisp and sun is shining at the right angle to make everything sparkle.  All the shades of green are breathtaking and I think this is my favorite time and month to walk as not as hot and humid as later in the summer.  Did I just admit that!!!

Thank you Linda for SOCS Saturdays!!

A different kind of monthly challenge – creative prompts

This is my sixth month of a different kind of monthly challenge. Half way through the year! Check the links at the end of the post for previous monthly challenges.

Last month I challenged myself to send 2-5 items of snail mail. I have a box of cards so I dug into that and had a good spread on my bed. I completed my challenge. I could have sent more snail mail as everyone enjoyed receiving their card/note.  I am going to keep it up and send random cards to friends and family throughout the year.

This month I’m going to challenge myself with creative prompts from other bloggers. To get full instructions head over to their blogs. You might have to search as my link is to the blog, not the post about the challenge later in the month (that hasn’t been posted yet!).

Check out Linda G Hill – life in progress under PROMPTS there are One-liner Wednesday and Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  I have been posting Stream of Consciousness Saturday for two weeks. Just a random word and write. Not editing just go for it.

Sacha Black is doing a weekly challenge “52 weeks in 52 words”.  She gives you a weekly writing inspiration and you only have 52 words to write your story/poem.  You might have to search the site using 52 weeks in 52 words to get the current week’s inspiration.

Over at Sue Vincent on Wednesdays she posts a photo prompt for Thursday.

My plan for June is to do all of the above prompts at least once during the month.  If you don’t have a blog, use the prompts to start a short story or journal entry. Even draw/paint it out in an Art Journal. Just get your juices flowing.

If you have any creative prompts we should be checking out please let me know in the comments.

Previous month challenges:

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April loving kindness meditation

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January – podcasts

You can always start now !


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